Wedding FAQ


+ What is the Highlight Film?

The Highlight Film is a cinematic overview of your entire wedding day. Usually 4-7 minutes and set to music. This length makes the Highlight Film best for sharing with family and friends. 

+ Do you use multiple cameras?

We use between 2-4 cameras Sony Mirrorless High Definition cameras at every wedding to maximize coverage while staying out of the way, while also capturing the best quality footage.

+ How do you record audio?

We use small lavalier microphones and recorders, typically mic’ed on the officiant, to capture high fidelity sound and we’re also plugging into the DJ booth.

+ What are the Documentary Films?

Our Documentary Films document all the main events of your wedding day in full. They play in real-time from start to finish, so you don’t miss a moment of your ceremony, toasts, and main reception events such as cake cutting, bouquet toss etc. 

+ When can I expect to receive my films?

Typically 6-8 weeks before we have your films ready to deliver.

+ What does Digital Delivery mean?

This is how we deliver films. Once editing is complete, we’ll send you a link that allows you to watch your films online. This is also the link from which you will download them to always have an offline copy (you can download to a computer, laptop, or cell phone). You can also share the links directly to friends and family.  

+ Are you going to direct us in any way?

We usually do not direct couples too much, as we like to be a “fly on the wall” and capture your day in the most nature style possible. At times we will ask for a few quick poses for best lighting. We normally ask for less than 2-5 mins after the photography is done posing you both so we can get a few natural movements such as walking and laughing together etc. These are the shots that really help us create that romance and intimacy for your wedding film.